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Who is Yachtlights?

Yachtlights.de - Your partner for customized and original lighting solutions.
Yachtlights.de - the light manufacturer "Made in Germany" is a global leader in yacht lighting and when it comes to put your boat in the scene.


Why lights of Yachtlights?

  • • Mature proven technologies
  • • Market leader in quality and technology
  • • Use of high quality materials
  • • Uncompromising quality "Made in Germany"
  • • Underwater lighting for all sizes of yacht
  • • High safety standard
  • • Worldwide distributionn
  • • Tested in accordance with Navy standard and Lloyds tested
  • • Use of the latest lamp technology
  • • Flexible Products
  • • Innovative solutions
  • • Reliable technologies




FAQ's underwater lights

What colors our underwater lights are available?

LED lights color, all other lights do warm or cold white.


At what size yacht I can use Yachtlights underwater lights?

From 5 m to open end.


Can I install myself Yachtlights?

Yes, simple installation explained by an installation manual, it is recommended to have the installation checked or by a professional perform.


As the lights are installed properly?

There is an installation manual available.


I have no contact for installation, what to do?

Call us, we will help you. Together we will find a solution.


How safe are Yachtlights underwater lights?

Very safe, our products go through a few tests during the production, in addition
Tests are carried out on the finished product according to Lloyds.


Are there screwed lights for metal hulls?

Basically all screwed lights are usable before the applications and materials should be clarified. Contact us.


Installation proposal for small and medium yachts with Z-drive or shaft

1 drive:             at least 2 lights / rear
2 drives:           at least 3 lights / rear

3 lights side / beautiful appearance
Model Recommendation for small yachts:         Pacific, Caribic
Polaris Model Recommendation for medium yachts:      Pacific
Model Recommendation for large yachts:        Arctic, Polaris
Model Recommendation for megayachts:         Arctic

All lamps are combinable, it depends on the color of light.


How wide and long glow products?

This depends on various factors:
• beam
clarity of the water

• bulbs
• lamps size

Under optimum conditions, 7 -40 m are possible, depending on the light.


What is Depth?

Minimum depth 200 mm below the water line.
Optimal 250 - 300 mm.
 Basically, higher the power of the light - greater the depth.


How can replace the bulb?

Simply from the interior of the yacht.


How long lives a bulb?

Halogen 3,000 hours to 40,000 hours for the LED lights.


Where can I buy the lights?

At Yachtlights.de or their dealers.


Can I combine different lights together?

In any case. Only the light color should be the same for all the lights to produce even light. Unless so desired.


Yachtlights is tested underwater lights?

During the assembly our products undergo continuous quality control.
 Furthermore, the Lloyds lights are tested and certified.


May Yachtlights underwater lights are painted with antifouling?

No, our lights are protected by an anode system, so that this protection is not affected, you may not be deleted and are thus isolated.


How can I clean the lamp?

By scratch-resistant glass and metal, the lamp with any standard sponge, brush or sponge to clean stainless steel. Commercial scale remover can be used.


How long should the light be operated in the dry?

For all fixtures is max. 30 min, with LED lights have a temperature protection / heat protection, that turn down automatically in case of overheating, the light settle down or take off.


What makes our lamps last?

Unlike some competitors, we use only the highest quality and finest materials. This includes impact resistant glass and high-alloy stainless steel of the highest quality.
Plastics do not provide this longevity.


Why stainless steel is processed?

Stainless steel is one of the most corrosion resistant and durable materials in seawater environment.


May overheat the lights?

No, Yachtlights LED lights have thermal protection of the scale down the performance of the shows overheating or off.

How do I get strength Volt Yachtlights lights?

12V / 24V / 230V


Which colors of light are often purchased?

Cool white, blue, RGB


How to change the bulb?

Conveniently and easily from the inside.
With LED eliminates this, because they are durable and maintenance free. (Caribic on / Caribic Hull)


Meaning of Colors

White      ease perfection
Blue      relaxation, peace
Red         activity, spontaneity
Yellow       Powerful, harmony
Green      calming, natural


Which bulb has cost advantages?

of < to >
Halogen, Xenon, LED, HIT / HQI



The HQI metal halide lamp reaches over other high pressure gas discharge lamps have a very high color rendering and high efficiency.
 The technical complexity is slightly higher.

Xenon burns between two tungsten electrodes of the xenon gas discharge lamp, a concentrated arc. High light output.

Halogen has a short lifetime and light output and is outdated.
This light bulb is therefore very inefficient and will disappear from the market in the future.

LED light is emitted directly.
Long life, robustness, high shock and vibration resistance are further advantages of the bulb.
 LEDs, however, are not always the most economical bulbs.
The luminosity is limited!


Advantage of the built of us bulb

Lamp Performance / watt light Colors
HIT / HQI 100 lumens / watt cool white
Xenon 90 lumens / watt cool white
Halogen 30 lumens / watt warm white only
LED 100 lumens / watt clear colors, warm white, blue, red, green, RGB



What is luminous efficacy?

The light output can be calculated from the luminous flux of light (lumens) and divided by the power consumption of the lamp in watts.


What is the meaning of Lumen?

Lumen (lm) is the unit of luminous flux. The luminous flux is the total amount of light that emits light.
Lumen is the brightness of a lamp - not the power in watt crucial. It is true that higher the lumen value - brighter the lamp.
for example 1000 lumens / 10 watts = 100 lu / W


How much time does the light to full brightness develop?

Depending on the lamp, the starting procedure in
HIT / HQI take up to 2 min / xenon 1 min to complete. 
All other bulbs develop your luminosity immediately.


As the lights can be ordered?

Directly through our online store.

Dealers / Distributors - addresses on request.




FAQ's interior lighting

Which colors of light the interior lights are available?

Warm white, cool white and colored.




FAQ’s Laser Systems

Why using Yachtlights laser systems?

Sophisticated but unobtrusive design, good price / performance ratio, ease to use.


Up to what size of yachtt I can use Yachtlights laser systems?

Suitable for any size yacht.


At what size boat I use Yachtlights laser systems?

We recommend from 15m yacht size. However, this is only a recommendation.


Who will install the laser system?

Yachtlights.de or its distributors.


As the laser system is easy to use?

Simple handling, a supplied notebook is all you need to ensure safe operation.


What is the laser range?

Several thousand meters


Where can I buy the laser system?

Only with us or our dealers


Is the system tested?

Yes, tested and certified.




FAQ's Illuminated lettering

Is everyone writing individually to represent it?

Basically yes, the easiest way to create your own logo is using our design generator on our website or send us a record of your ideas.

Many things are possible. We can process all common file formats such as Word, Corel, Inventor, IGES, etc.


What are the different ways of lighting?

LED exclusively, all colors and RGB, if desired fiber optics


What does front flashing mean?

Light is emitted to the front of the letters.


What does back flashing mean?

Light is emitted to the sides of the lettering.


Which light colors are available?

All LED colors - red, green, blue, orange, hot / cold white, RGB color-changing.


Which bulbs are used?

Only LED.


Which surface materials can be used?

Stainless steel, plastic, coating, painting, porcelain.


Up to what size the logos are available?

Up to 20 x 4 m Mind. Letter size 100 x 100 mm.


What data I have to deliver?

Data in common formats e.g. word, corel, Inventor, pdf, ...


Where can I buy the design and lettering?

Yachtlights Shop
Many things are possible, the simplest you can use our generator design on the website design your own logo or you send a record of your ideas.
We can process all common file formats such as Word, Corel, Inventor, IGES, etc.


How do you ship?

DPD / DHL / forwarding.


Am I happy with Yachtlights?

For a feed stream, we would be very grateful to continue to improve. We would appreciate very much a customer review.
Case studies and customer photos we publish on our site.





For more information about our products, you can go to our download area.

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