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Yachtlights.de, the idea the world's of oceans, bays and marinas combined to shine in a brilliant underwater lighting with individual lighting options and breathtaking laser shows.
Our products are easy to use and are constantly adapted to the latest technology.

Imagine for a moment before ...

Your ship is anchored in a picturesque bay, the sun goes down, everything goes quiet. You sit with a glass of wine on the deck and look out.

Pretty dark. Or?

Yachtlights.de -The Lights of Nights

Soft light flows through the water. The underwater world comes to life.

We have already spent many hours just fascinated to look into the water, the feeling we want to share with you.

...Night swimming!

... To look at the bright eyes of peoples  around ofyou, if your laser show revives the night!

... Consider your yacht illuminated from a distance!

The experience is unique!
Experience it by Yachtlights.de

Carpe diem!


For more information about our products, you can go to our download area.

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