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yacht polaris


bengali vorschauBengali made by „Yachtlights.de“

Made in Germany:
The Bengali-light is a efficient underwater-light for yachts from 20 meters.


Ideally, you will need 2-4 lights for the rear mount is a pretty homogeneous illumination to achieve. The light is built in niche and hulls.


High brightness from 4 up to 18.000 lumen in combination of very small size.


Suitable for all hulls made of fiberglass, wood or steel. The lifespan of the LED is about 40.000 hr. Additionally for a better control of the light you can order a Dimm, too.


Underwater-light Bengali


Properties of the Polaris-light

icon Yacht size 20 m and more
for steel, glass fiber & wood hulls

icon Available light colors bengali produkt 100

icon reichweite Lighting range 20 m


Our production works closely with the development department and of course with you - our clients. We are happy to help - ask us!


We can realize your vision! We love our products!

Your team of Yachtlights

BENGALI SC 200 - construction

For Yachts from more than 20 meters


Hull material


GRP fiberglass / wood / steel

Boat size



From 20 meters

Luminaire spacing


1 – 2 Meter

Light exit angle





Surface / drilling 26mm




Technical information



Lumen Single Color


Cold-white 18.000
Blue 4.000
Green 14.000

LED lifespan


40.000 hr.

Board voltage

  22– 28V

Watt/ power consumption

  200 / 9 A

Elektronik Type

  Single color intern, RGB ext.

Electronics protection


Control options
Single Colors

  On / Off switch
Dimm optional!

Control options
RGB color change

  Only with additional controller

Anode protection

  Via connection cable


  Ø 109 x 110mm


  About 2,0 Kg

Place lights change


Cable length

  3 meters
Hole in hull Ø   26 mm
Material   Stainless-Steel


  6 mm borosilicate glass
 Reichweite / Lichtfarben  
reichweite pacific xenon


bengali produkt 120



CE schadow


Bengali Construction

Datasheet Bengali
Overview underwaterlights



The fast and simple way to get your special Bengali underwater-light.

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